Lauren Conrad: Style

Hey guys! I know this book has been around for years, however it is one of the most helpful books I have. This is by my favourite celebrity, Lauren Conrad. She is such a role model to me and has been for so many years, she has the smile, hair and beauty, so when this book came out, I just had to buy it..

There are four sections in this book, the forts being fashion. Here it tells you key piece must haves, where to splurge and save, finding the right pair of jeans, how to repair clothing, tackling vintage, shopping online, swimwear shopping, shopping Ebay, clearing out your wardrobe, how to shop for accessories and dress up outfits, how to create date night outfits, daytime date outfits, weekend outfits, five ways to dress the little black dress, plus much much more! Sounds great already right? 


The second section is makeup. I love experimenting with makeup and trying out different looks to see what suits me. Im this section you learn, how to create daytime looks, night-time looks, mastering fake eyelashes, how to do makeup in less than 5 minutes, (yes I know, wow!) how to go from day to night in less than 10 minutes, make up brush tips, how to conceal, how to do bright lips, metallic eyeshadow, smokey eyes, and how to do the red lip! There is so much helpful things in there! It’s the perfect book for those who need inspiration, and are looking for ideas. 


The next section is hair. I am always running out of ideas on what to do with my hair, as I get bored fairly quickly. This tells you how to master the perfect waves, let’s face it she was the queen of this when she had long hair. Just recently if you haven’t seen Lauren has now got a bob hairstyle, which is still pretty and suits her. Other than waves, you are shown how to do special occasion hair, sleek ponytails, simple braids, how to use accessories, not only that but how to dry it when washed. You will also learn how to keep your hair in the best condition, with some really good tips.

imageThe last section of this book is lifestyle. This tells you everything you need to know about how to pack a suitcase well, and cramming as much in as possible. Also checklists before flying and essentials. Next it moves on to different samples of check lists, for when you go to different places. These places being, beach holidays, work trips, city holidays and weekend getaways. This is a really helpful guideline, as I always under pack or over pack the wrong things. It then goes on to how to dress for cocktail parties, weddings, proms, casual, business, you name it Lauren covers it!


I love this book so much! Who else has this? 

A x


3 thoughts on “Lauren Conrad: Style

  1. I don’t have this book yet. I’ll check this out and hoping it’s still available 🙂 I love her style too 😀


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