More Bowling And A Gingerbread House

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Hey guys! Yesterday was so much fun! Me, my little sister and my boyfriend went bowling again! However before hand we had a much need Mcdonalds! I had a chicken select meal with a BBQ dip… is it me or is it really hot, like there’s chilli in it? Then we went bowling, we were the only ones there! I got best both games again, however I’ve had some improvement and now getting into the 40’s almost 50’s. By next year I’ll be a professional. Also had the barriers down!

When we got home, we then decided to have a go at building a gingerbread house. I was surprised at how good it was! The kit was £5 from Morrisons. Now it looks too good to eat but I will be having a bite tonight. Also played a modern version of Guess Who. Love that game, and watch the Croods. Don’t really get what was going on as I was trying to wrap presents at the same time but it is quite funny. So overall a really good day! What did you  guys get up to at the weekend?

A x


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