Benefits Of Using Tea Tree Products


Hey Guys! How is everyone? What are your plans for today? I thought I’d do a skin care post today. What do we look for in a skin care products, is it the brand? The price? Reviews? Is it what’s actually in the product? I’d say most of us go for the brand. Why not? Brands are advertised everywhere. However do they do what they say they do? Tea tree does.

What is tea tree? Tea tree is an Australasian shrub or a small tree. It is actually tea tree oil that will be in your products. This oil appears colourless or a pale yellow. This has been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years as one of their most helpful remedies. Other than skin care it’s helpful for, which I will talk to you why in a minute. It is also helpful for, bacterial skin infections, blisters, burns, skin cuts, toothpastes, mouthwashes, athletes foot, eczema, head lice and dandruff or a dry scalp. Oh and for those who have kids, a drop, or few  on a pillow, helps them sleep better at night!

Why is it good in skin care products?  It removes excess oil without over drying the skin. It’s clinically proven to give you clearer looking skin when used on a regular regime.  It’s soothing and has antibacterial properties, and is especially good if you have acne. The best bit? You only have to use a tea tree product for 3 days, and you’ll already see improvement!

Where you can get tea tree products from:

 The Body Shop

Holland And Barrett



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