Bowling And Meal Out

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Hey guys! Bit of a late one tonight. I’ve just been bowling at skegness. Lost the 1st game… I won’t be taking up bowling anytime soon. I was once really good at it and now I’ve lost my flow. I’m like a giraffe on skates. However the second game I came 3rd! This was out of 5 on the girls team. Anyone got any bowling tips? Price was good too. £11.50 for two of us to have 2 games of bowling! Staff are always friendly and helpful too which makes the experience better. Then we went to Wolfies, pricing is not too bad, you can get lots of 2 for £10 and 2 for £15. I had a chicken and bacon salad which was lovely and they weren’t stingy with the bacon or chicken. Very filling too. Then for pudding, who doesn’t have pudding?! I had a banoffee pie. Best banoffee  pie I’ve ever had! The wait was alright it was like half hour intervals inbetween, but it’s a Saturday night so I’ll let them off. Haha. Overall a really good night with good company. What have you done today, if your still up? 

A x


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