Christmas Present Ideas For Boys

Hey Guys! I hope I’m not the only one that thinks this, but boys are hard to buy presents for. Whether it’s your boyfriend, dad, brother, grandad, a friend, your mind just goes blank when it comes to thinking what to buy for them. Here is some ideas that I have found, that I hope are helpful to you. 


What Is A Grandad Print – £14

This is something that your grandad will truly appreciate. On the print shows text of what makes a grandad, things that we can all relate to, having a grandad. It describes all they do for us. It’s not just printed on a bit of paper either, it’s in thick card with waterproof ink. Make your grandad smile this Christmas.



Quadcopter – £30

This is one for the gadget lovers, and looks like a good one too. It’s the smallest quad copter you can get. Not something the boys can get bored of either, as it’s rather a challenging, and not as easy to fly, as you may think. This also has LED lights so you can play with it in the dark. You won’t here a thing from someone who has one of these.



Bacon Toothpaste – £4 

I love playing on jokes and this is going to be funny, when I see some people’s faces on Christmas Day. You have probably guessed from the title but this toothpaste is in fact bacon flavoured. I will be making the people I have got this for to try it on Christmas morning, hopefully without getting roped in to trying it myself! 



River Island Wallet – £17

A wallet is an accessory every man has, but when it becomes battered, they never seem to replace them. Here is a wallet that is part fabric and part leather. It has a coin compartment, which is very hand for loose change. It also has slots to put your cards in too. This wallet is fashionable and stylish, something every man needs.



Wall Climber Car – £15

This is perfect for those who like their gadgets, or big kids! This remote control car, goes not only along the floor but all on your walls, and on your ceilings! Your whole room will become a race track. It has LED headlights, so you can you drive it in the dark! This present is guaranteed a winner.


Nandos Salt And Sauce Set – £12.50

This set is for Nandos lovers! This contains a hot and medium peri peri sauce, so it will challenge the men, to wether they can handle it or not. This also includes a peri peri salt shaker, be perfect on chips. This set means you can enjoy a taste of Nandos from the comfort of your home.



Liverpool FC Stadium Tour for 2 – £30

They don’t just do Liverpool, they do Chelsea, arsenal, etc tours too. This is a good present for football fanatics! This tour lasts about 2 hours. What’s included is the legends lounge, expert tour guide, gain access to areas usually of limits to the public, visit the directors box,  the players dressing rooms, get to touch the “this is Anfield” sign and visit the Liverpool football museum. Let’s face it you will be in someone’s good books for a very long time with this gift!



Silverstone Tour For 2 – £59

This is a great present for the lovers of F1. The tour is to last around 2 hours. There will be many photo opportunities throughout. You can stand on the top step of the podium and get a closer look at legendary sites around the track. This is a present that will create a lot of good memories. 


I’d like to here your ideas too!

A x


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