Warning: May Contain Waffling


Hey guys! How are you all? As some of you know who have been reading my posts, I haven’t had a very good week, so when I was picking my boyfriend something for his tea later, (he finished at 10pm and the shops would be shut by the time he finished work) I decided to look at the icecream section. I was sooo excited when I saw a new Ben & Jerrys flavour! Minter Wonderland! Mint icecream with chocolate chunks, so I just had to get it, and while I’m writing this I have a glass if archers and lemonade, living the high life, I know… 

I was actually going to do a post about hair today but I think I’ll do that tomorrow, so yeah, is everyone excited for Christmas? I am and I’m not, I love spending time with the family, and we’re going out for Christmas dinner, I’ve also got my boyfriend with me this year. I’m not complaining however isn’t it weird how everyone is insanely happy on Christmas Day? Like we’ve all been sucking helium out of balloons . I can’t wait to see people’s faces when they open my presents, that’s what I’m excited most about. What is everyone else’s favourite thing about Christmas apart from spending it with their loved ones?

I also have something you guys can help me with, if your still with me right now. I’ve noticed that I have waffled on this whole post and some of you are probably snoring right now. For New Year’s Eve we’re having a party and one of them is like a secret santa but New Year’s Eve, so probably a secret New Years santa. I don’t even know. We’ve got to get something which is green, an animal and shiny, so I was thinking a jelly in shape of an animal… If you have any ideas please let me know, get as creative as you can! 

I hope I haven’t bored you lot, I know this whole post is me waffling, I promise you things will be back to normal tomorrow, if you haven’t clicked “unfollow” haha. Thanks for the general chit chat! 

A x


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