Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo


Hey guys! I am so glad it is Friday tomorrow… who’s with me? Life is so busy at the moment, I can’t wait to have a chilled day. I cannot stop yawning today! What’s everyone’s plans for the weekend? I’ve got a Christmas party to go to on Saturday and then that’s about it I think. Like I said yesterday, today I wanted to do a hair post and I thought I’d give you guys a review on a new shampoo I’ve been using..

This is meant for hair that is coloured a lot or overstyled, I wouldn’t say I overstyle my hair but I do dye it every couple of months and this shampoo seems to keep it in good condition. It also creates a shine to it. This also has Vitamin E in. Makes my hair really nice and soft with a bit of volume too. Keeps it clean for a couple of days and brings out the colour in my hair but that could be because the shampoo has a shine to it. Keeps your hair smelling good too. I’m generally really impressed with this product as I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. I would buy again.

Product from: FeelUnique

A x


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