Ted Baker – Shades In Waiting


Hey guys! How is everyone? Who’s back at work today? I am back on the 5th. I must say my time off, has flown by but that might be because I’ve had the flu. Part of me is thankful that it has happened in my time off the other half not so thankful, however I feel practically normal now so it’s all good in Amy’s hood. (Did you like that?!) Here I wanted to show you this gorgeous Ted Baker makeup set, (who else got one?) and tell you what I like about it and what I didn’t like about it, and yes this might come as a surprise to you as I love Ted Baker so much, but there is something I didn’t like, so carry on reading to find out what that is…


The Ted Baker set comes with 3 eye crayons, a mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner pen and tweezers. I didn’t review the tweezers as this is a tool and I didn’t feel the need to review something which wasn’t really necessary. 🙂


3 Eye Crayons

These eye crayons are in the colours off, metalic pewter, gold and bronze. These look amazing on the eyes and stay on all day. Although being the shades they are, I’d save for a special occasion or a night out. They are easy to apply and sparkle on the eyes. I love how what you see is what you get with these crayons, the colours appear on your eyes, exactly how you see them.

image image


Now lots of people have given this mascara some stick, (no pun intended) however I really liked it and it’s the best one I’ve used in ages. I really  needed a mascara, so this was lucky. I really like this, as it lengthens my eye lashes really nicely, and gives full volume. This is clump free too which I love, because don’t you hate it when you have a mascara and your left with black clumps on your eye lashes?


 Eyebrow Pencil

This is the item I loved the most. Sounds strange doesn’t it? An eyebrow pencil. It looks like a copper colour, but I tell you this is the perfect colour for my eyebrows. It is such a good pencil to use, it really allows me create thin lines which is exactly what I need, as I like my eye brows to look natural, so I just fill them in the ends where it looks like I don’t have any, which stops  people asking me if I shave or pluck them. No. Love, love, love this. That is all.


Eyeliner Pen

Now this is where my problem starts. Everyone is raving about this eyeliner. I’ll start of with what I like, I like that’s it’s a pen, which allows you to basically draw your eye liner and get the perfect flicks and be creative. That bit is very good. What I don’t like is this seems very watery, which then leaves the eyeliner looking faded in colour. I had to go over my eyeliner with another eyeliner so it looked black and not when you did painting at school and used to much black, so when you went to put water on your paintbrush, the water turned grey. (You guys know what I mean right?) Dissapointed. Unless I got a faulty one. Sorry!


I really like the packaging of this and what is good, is you can take all the makeup out of the plastic and put other eye makeup that you have in the box, so it has a good storage use. I also like that it comes in a box that looks like a book. It’s just so pretty. Everything is either got a coat of gold on in one way or another, for example either the lettering or the ends of the eye crayons, to give it that Ted Baker signature look. I also love it’s theme of all gifts this year which is the print of pastel town houses, which is inside the box on this particular gift set. Again so pretty!

I’m sorry girlys unfortunately I can’t link you to where you can get your hands on one of these, as they are sold out, however they have a great selection of makeup bags that are stunning, so be sure to check them out, and if you were lucky enough to receive one of these gorgeous gift sets then I’d like to know in the comments what you liked and disliked.

A x


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