Jewellery Must Haves

Hello everyone! When it comes to jewellery, I don’t think a lot of people know that you can use it to style up an outfit. You could wear a dress but it wouldn’t be complete without those sparkly earrings or a short chained necklace. Jewellery can really add just that extra bit of detail to an outfit or even bring out an outfit. Here I have searched on the internet for in my opinion,  jewellery must haves and I’ve linked to the website. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings, I have hopefully found something that grabs your eye..


I love the uniqueness of the first one. I love how this is like 4 rings in one. Would look really nice for a night out. Second one I think you’ll either love it hate. I love how it’s square and I like the contrast of colours used. It reminds me of the Victorian look but I like it. Would look nice on a casual day or an evening out. The third one is so pretty. What I like most is the chain attached, I imagine this looks really pretty on the finger for any time of the day. Lastly these are such good value for money. I love the colours put together and there’s something for everything there!  


Top left from : Accessorize £10

Bottom left from : Topshop £8.50

Top right from : River Island £4

Bottom right from : H&M £3.99


To start of with I’ve chosen this very pretty flower bracelet. This is very spring summer, would look nice with a summer dress. I like the diamonte’s in the middles of the petals. Second one I really like the bronze colour. The design is really nice and would look nice for an evening somewhere. The third one I really like the massive bow, it’s really quite statement. This I’d wear for daytime. Lastly, a real bit of arm candy for you, in fact Topshop have got some really nice bracelets, in their range at the moment. I like the simplicity of this one and although it’s simple it would look nice for a glamorous night out. Absolutely in love with this bracelet.


Top left from : Accessorize £15

Bottom left from : Newlook £3

Top right from : Jackwills £9

Bottom right from : Topshop £10


I really like how this isn’t your typical flower shape. I love how the petals all overlap each other too. This would look nice for just a casual day. Next we have some earrings that are perfect for the spring season, as they have leaves on. These are really nice and not over the top and will go with almost anything. These are really pretty, I love the colours that have been chosen. I just really like these. These would look really nice with a scruffy side bun, smokey eyes and a natural lip. (I’m probably going off on one, I’ll stop.) lastly I love these. There glittery and would look good with a little black dress, what’s not to like?


Top left from : New Look £3.99

Bottom left from : Accessorize £8

Top right from : Topshop £6.50

Bottom right from : River Island £3


The first one I really love the simplicity. I like the little hearts either side and then one in the middle. I also love the length of the chain. This would look nice with a plain top. The second one is a bit more glamorous. I love the colours of the gems and I think this is really pretty. It’s more of a statement piece for a party or an evening out. The third one I really like the style of this gold chain. It’s got a choker shape to it and then three necklaces attached to each other. For me I’d wear this to a meal out as it’s quite sophisticated. The last one is gorgeous. I love the flowers and details on it, and I imagine it looks really pretty on. This is a really special necklace so I would probably wear this for a special occasion.


Top left from : Accessorize £10

Bottom left from : Boohoo £8

Top right from: New Look £7.99

Bottom right from : River Island £35

What’s your favourite jewellery piece from this post? 

A x


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