John Frieda Conditioner


I was looking for a new conditioner to try for my hair, and I came across this John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Multi-Tone Revealling Moisturising Conditioner For Brunettes. I have heard good things about John Frieda and because of this, I purchased a small bottle to try out, and see how it works. What caught my eye the most was that it was especially for people with brunette hair. Being a brunette I found this appealing and wanted to find out what separated this from a normal conditioner, for normal hair.


You don’t need a lot when applying this product, which is good because you get your money’s worth, not that I think its a bad price anyway. The hair feels really soft and smooth and gives almost a satin feel to it, which I love. It gives my brown hair a stronger looking colour and a boost it needs. It doesn’t make it look dried out. The conditioner does what it says, no finding it hard to get a comb through because my hair is knotty. There might be the occasional tangle but that’s nothing. It makes the ends look better and feel better. The smell on your hair is so nice too, it smells like vanilla and you can usually smell it the day after you’ve washed your hair too.

I would try out more John Frieda products, they just sell out so quick, which I can understand why now. I’d definitely buy this again and recommend to all Brunettes, who want an uplift to their brown hair.

What’s your favourite conditioner to use?

A x


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