The Remington Shine Therapy Straightener

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Remington Shine Therapy Straightener (£79.99)

I love straighteners. They are a life saver. Although I learnt the hard way. I use to use straighteners everyday, which caused me to have hair, more longer on one side than the other. It use to damage my hair so much. Now I only use them once a week or for the weekend and I’ve really noticed a difference. Plus my hair is longer now and has a bit of a wave to it, which I like. I got these straighteners for Christmas. They are just as good as Ghd’s, without damaging your hair as much. 

The person that got me these told me that, if I’m going to have a pair of straighteners, then I’m going to have a good pair that doesn’t fry my hair to death. That person got just that. I love them. Not to the point I want to get back to bad habits, but I now consider straightening ones hair is a treat to ones self. 

Why do I love these? Well to start of with, I like the ceramic plate. Sounds strange right? It’s not massively wide. I hate these straighteners that have wide plates. They feels clumpy and make me feel I’m breaking a lot of my hair. This plate however lets me have more control. Another benefit includes being able to control how hot the straightener goes and seeing the temperature, on a digital display. This particular straightener’s temperature ranges from 150-230 degrees. This means whether your hair is thin or thick, these straighteners will do the trick. The best thing about these straighteners, is they give your hair a shine. Yes, I’m not lying. The ceramic plates are coated in Moroccan argon oil and vitamin E. This means you can get shine on to your hair, from the heated ceramic plates! Wow! 

These are the best pair of straighteners I’ve owned. Maybe before considering buying a top of the range product like Ghd’s, you should consider these. As good as them for a bit less of the price. 

A x


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