Outdoor Lazer Tag

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Today was an interesting day. With work we do these things where a person gets picked out a bag (not literally, a bit of paper does) they then have to choose something to do for the month. The person for this months choice was to do outdoor lazer tag. Outdoor lazer tag was is Ancaster. Don’t go with hangover, just a bit of advice there. I was at my friends house previous night and was pretty much a zombie. You get given overalls to put on some had navy, some had camo ones. They also supply gloves for you. There was a group of 18 of us, with 2 people we didn’t know. You can have a group up to 24.

You then get given a talk on how to use your gun and what the buttons mean and what the screen on the gun means. After that you then get taken to your area your going to do lazer tag at. You then have 2 hours of lazer tag with a 10 minute break inbetween. Depending on the colour of your gun, is what team your in. You have two teams, a red one and a blue one. We played games where you have to shoot the other team as many times as you can, the team that shoots the most wins. Another game was called sniper, where  you have 3 people to try and shoot at and get out the game, and those 3 people try to shoot you out the game. The team that shoots the most wins.

Another game was where each team has a base and you’ve got to try and get eachothers intel and bring back to your base. Each game has a time limit. You all have medical on each game, on some games when your medical runs out your out of the game, other games you can get given 40 seconds to top it up by running back to your base and get medical. If you don’t get back in time, your out the game.

This was a really good day, bring your competitive side out, and the staff were excellent. I would definitely come back again. They also do paint balling, quad bikes, karting, and bowling. Really good day out and was worth the £25.

Ancaster Leisure Enterprises 

Who has done paint balling and does it hurt that much? 

A x


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