The Body Shop BB Cream


The Body Shop BB Cream £12

This is probably the makeup product that body shop is known for. Everyone has been saying how good the bb cream is and how they don’t use foundation anymore, they just use a bb cream, so because of this I decided to give it a try. You only need a small bit of this, no bigger than a 5p size. I got this in the lightest shade there is and it’s still too dark for my skin, which is a bit of a disappointment, so I won’t be buying this again, as my skin couldn’t get away with it, as it looks rather orange on my face. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have pale skin like me. This blends into the skin nicely though and covers up any blemishes or redness you have. The coverage isn’t great but buildable in layers. This would be great for people who already have evenly toned skin, who want a glowing look. I found that this is best applied by using your fingers. I don’t know if I’m totally converted to bb creams, I shall probably stick to my normal foundation right now.

Who uses bb creams instead of foundation?

A x


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