Taking New York


I don’t know if a lot of you guys have been watching this but I’ve been watching Taking New York, I literally feel like I’m cheating on Made In Chelsea. The series is basically a group of people of different ages, trying to take on the big city, New York. I do like the different variations of character, my favourite has got to be Georgie. She’s a very bold, strong, fun character. My favourite guy is probably Henry as he is the most genuine out of the guys apart from Danny. He’s bit of a cheeky  chappy too. I must admit I do like this, not as much as Made In Chelsea but I do find myself watching it every week. I also like how it’s not just about relationships, it’s about the struggles of work too.

What do you think of Taking New York, or do you think reality tv shows are being taken a bit far now? 

A x


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