The Cucumber Peel Off Face Mask


Like I said I would, I decided to try another peel of facial mask. This one was much thicker compared to the other one I had tried and it didn’t peel of in flakes this time, instead peeled off in bigger sections. This did smell exactly like cucumbers however wasn’t a strong scent. The colour of this face mask was again pretty much clear, so if your looking for a fun coloured face mask, this isn’t for you. What this is suppose to do is to peel pores and deep clean. I think this definitely revived my skin and my skin looked more radiant. Although this didn’t leave my skin feeling soft like the other one I had tried, it did however make it look more healthy. This is probably one that’s best for winter. It is better than the last one I tried, I just wish it left my skin feeling as soft as it. I think I’m gonna try a non peel off face mask in this range next time.

Who can recommend a good face mask? 

A x


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