To Fringe Or Not To Fringe That Is The Question


If you are one of these people who are like do I have a fringe or don’t I have a fringe? It can be quite hard to picture whether you’d suit one and for that matter, what it would look like. This is a quick trick that I do when deciding to take the plunge or not, as I have had my fair share of fringes. What I do is get the front sections of the hair on both sides of my head. I then comb them forward and grab the bottom of my hair and take it up to my head, so it creates a fringe. I then grip the end of my hair into place and see how I like it.   This helps if you style your hair how you normally would. I hope this helps. Also I find that when I have a fringe, it grows really quickly so if your have hair that goes quickly, you should just take the plunge anyways as it will soon grow out!

Whats your best tips for hair?

A x


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