Today is an important day for our country as we could have a new prime minister tomorrow. It’s one of the meanest elections I’ve seen. I think it’s important for everyone to get involved from 18 upwards. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in what you believe is right for our country. I did vote and I’m glad. It was my first time voting and I must admit I was mega excited, sad I know. If you didn’t get the chance to vote this year, well next time you can. It’s really easy to sign up and it also looks good. Now to sit back and see what happens. 

Who else voted? 

A x


2 thoughts on “Elections

    1. Your entitled to your opinion but personally liars or not, I’d like to at least hope that my vote could make a difference and help put the party I’d like to win in charge or at least give them a seat


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