My Statement Leather Choices To Add Some Change To Your Wardrobe

Leather is not always something easy to find. I don’t mean you can hardly get it anywhere but for the pure fact everyone has different tastes. Let me elaborate. Some of us will not go for a full on leather look, for example we will only go for shoes, or small items. On the other hand some of us will get bigger pieces, for example, we will wear leather trousers and leather jackets. It all depends in what you feel comfortable and confident with. Not only that but some of us don’t know what we can get away with. Here I’ve browsed for things we can all wear, whether its on height, size, shape, it doesn’t matter. What I’ve chosen are shoes and lower half body wear that are statement and will compliment us all.

Lets start of with the shoes. Whether it’s flat, wedges or stilettos, there is something for everyone in this selection. I really love the two strapped sandals (second pair in) they are really in fashion at the moment, and I think like shown in the picture, the black nail polish on the toes, looks lovely worn with them. Then I’ve picked some different length skirts and a pair of culottes. I really like the midi length pleated skirt, (third one in)  as black goes with anything. If your not a fan of your legs either, this will hide them. It’s a very stylish skirt too, that isn’t clingy.

 Image 1 of ASOS FENDALL Footbed Leather SlidersPieces Flat Leather Sandal

Stone Leather Cross Strap Heels  | New Look

From Left To Right, Top To Bottom:

Image descriptionImage 1 of ASOS Mini Skirt in Leather Look in Rose Metallic

Leather-Look CulottesMarian Faux Leather Pleated Midi Skirt Black

From Left To Right:

Whats your favourite statement piece?

A x


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