A Day In The Life Of Made In Chelsea

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Last Saturday I went on a Made In Chelsea Tour and I loved it. We couldn’t of had better weather either. The overall tour lasted about 2 hours and it was all walking, so if you do decide to do it, comfy shoes is a must. We started off at Sloane Square, were we met our tour guide, also getting a little distracted by all the super nice cars about. One of the first places we got to go to was where we got told Kate and Pippa Middleton shop, as well as some of the other MIC cast members. This included shops like Hugo Boss and Links Of London, as well as other boutiques, and little fancy restaurants. A lot of smartly dressed people walked around here, while they took their small dogs for a walk, or sipped on champagne and cocktails. Along Kings Road we got taken to the end of where Chelsea Hospital is. We got told that they actually have elderly residents that live there. This ties in with when Made In Chelsea hosted a bake your own cake event. This was to raise money for the upkeep of the building. There is also a patch of long grass in front of the hospital and this is where they hosted the garden party. We also went down some streets they film down, when they “randomly” bump into each other. This included St. Luke’s Street and Chelsea Manor Street. As well as streets, we got taken to, some restaurants and other food and drink places such as, Joe & The Juice, Bumpkin, Blue Bird, and The Phene. The Phene is the pub Lucy’s dad owns. As well as that we got shown outside, Jamie and Proudlock’s Office and the clothes shop Orla Kiely. These are all just to name a few. There was lots of there things we got shown and we even got taken down the street where Hugo lives. I learn’t some interesting things too like, extras get paid £7 an hour, whereas new cast members get paid £50 an episode, however someone like Spencer gets paid about £200 per episode as he has  been in the show since the start. This just shows they don’t do it for the money. We also got told that you get one season to prove yourself and if your no good then your gone. There were lots of interesting facts. Our tour guide also said that she sees quite a lot of the cast about when she does tours, and calls them over. However when I went there, they are all in LA so no one was about. I had so much fun, the tour ran fluently, and the tour guide was happy to answer any questions we had, and was really friendly.

You can get your tickets from here:

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