Let’s Start From The Beginning


I’ve never really said as to why I’m blogging or what I’m doing here. If I’m honest I never thought it would get to this point. My blog was a bit of fun, however the more I spent time writing posts the more I grew a love for littlemissminor. Yes I could of just wrote a diary but I was intrigued to here other people’s thoughts and opinions on subjects and most of all make friends and interact with you all. I really hope that continues as I have loved every minute of it. Though there is a deeper meaning as to why I’m blogging. I had always been a rather confident person from my teens, (I’m 20 now) not overly confident but fairly, that was until a tough time and I feel that it got stripped away from me. Blogging was something I was hoping would help me regain this and I think I’m getting there, so this is as well as a public journey, a personal one too. I never really wanted to just write on one topic specifically because I wanted to create a wider audience, although I do appreciate that most of my audience is girls, as I don’t write about a lot of things to engage males. This is why I write about film reviews, makeup, hair, beauty, lifestyle, baking, fashion, etc. Although males if you have stuck by me, thank you, I do understand these subjects are very girly!  In one years time my goal is to hopefully keep doing what I do and keep interacting with you all. I’m thankful for those who have stook by me. I never thought I’d get over 400 followers, email and wordpress based. It’s amazing, I thought I was lucky to get 10. My blog is continuely growing and I hope I continue growing as a person with it.

Thank you,

A x


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