Why I Decided Not To Follow The Crowd


Before I start this off, I just want to say this is not against anyone on this subject who decided to go, I don’t want to make people feel bad for their decisions, I just wanted to share my personal story.That subject being, why I chose not to go to University. UCAS is a pretty stressful time for everyone, trying to pick the five best university’s that’s the best for you, before meeting the deadline. I picked five but only went to three. I wanted and still want to be a dance teacher. I got all 5 auditions because unlike normal subjects, you have to meet the requirement grades but also look the part too, by performing a short piece of dance routine, choreographed by yourself. My first university I went to was Northampton. It was honestly one of the worst experiences of my life. To say that was my first audition, I was pretty put off going to any more. When I got there I was early but me and a student who was taking me to the department got locked out for a good 25 minutes, which made me late, and when I did get in eventually, the Tutor gave me the dirtiest look ever, so that wasn’t a good start. We then had to do a technique class which was really hard ballet and I didn’t have a lot of experience in ballet. This was horrible because as you was doing the class, you had 3 tutors there talking about you to each other looking around the room. We had a break after that and was suppose to come back to perform our piece but I just couldn’t, I burst out crying to my mum, and we went home. I can feel the emoticons of that day now, like it had just happened.

My second audition was for a university in west London. I couldn’t make the audition date for this one, but had a look on the internet at the area, which ended up being one of the roughest areas in London, so that was a no go, because if I was going away from my family, I would at least want to feel safe. My third audition was for Bedfordshire. I fell in love with this university and was my favourite out of them all.The studios there were amazing, everyone was really welcoming, however I didn’t get in, which was very heartbreaking but I picked myself up for the last two. Lincoln was my next one, I got an email saying that my audition date had been changed but I still went. I bought my audition Cd just in case but I didn’t get any information on what I needed for the audition. Well thankfully I did bring my Cd because I did have to perform a routine I had created but whether that was for a theme or not I wouldn’t know as I didn’t get an email about any of this. This would of been my next choice of University, and I felt this was the audition that went best, however unfortunately I didn’t get in, and I think thats to do with my choreographed piece.

Lastly was East London University, I couldn’t make the audition date twice, so I just assumed that I wasn’t going there either, however I did get an email to say that I had been accepted to go to that University. I think this had something to do with performing at the Olympic torch ceremony in Lincoln. I had a long hard think about going to this university but in the end I deferred it for a year and ended up not going. I had been in a job for a year then, and I realized that uni just wasn’t for me. I feel bad still, for dragging my mum around auditions and not going or getting in anywhere, but I just couldn’t go. Reason being, I had a look around at dance teaching courses and I could do a course for loads cheaper than just a year at university. Another reason was because as much as I am moved out now, I live close to my family and I would of got home sick at University.Lastly your not even guaranteed a job these days, so for me I couldn’t leave a job for a place at university struggling to get a job. It took me a while to get over the feeling that I should of gone to university because most people had but do you know what, I’m in a good job, I have a house, my family around me, my boyfriend I have been with for almost a year and a half,and I can still pursue my dream. Youv’e just got to do whats best for you and ignore what everyone else is doing.

Sorry if I went on a bit, I just wanted to share that with you, if any of my younger audience was stuck in this situation..

 A x


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