One Year Anniversary


Hey guys! This time last year, was the day I joined WordPress! I can’t believe it’s been a year! I never thought I’d be sat here still writing posts. I must admit I never intended to be this serious about it, but it became something I really enjoyed doing and now something I’m doing quite frequently. In a years time I would like to have a serious year of blogging. What I mean by that is I want to take blogging more seriously, by getting a regular blogging pattern, for those who saw yesterdays post, you will know what I mean. When I first started blogging I was only doing bits here and there but it’s only until lately where I’ve wanted it to be something serious. Thank you guys for your support, I’m almost at 500 followers which is halfway to a 1000! I’m loving sharing this journey with you and I feel like I’ve progressed a lot since day 1.

Here’s to another year! (Raises hand with no glass or champagne)

A x


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