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I first got in to The Body Shop when I started working with them doing party’s. Selling the products though mean’t I got freebies and because when you do party’s you have to buy a kit, when I  decided to quit The Body Shop I got to keep loads and loads of products that were left over from my kit. This mean’t I have trialed many products from this company, so I know my favourites. One thing I love the most about The Body Shop is their beautiful smelling body butters, they make your skin feel super smooth. Not only that but a lot of the products I find work for me and some may be expensive but you will get lots and lots of use out of them and they will last a long time. Here are some reviews on my favourite Body Shop products and ones that I found didn’t work for me.

Shimmer Cubes


These are the best eyeshadows you could have. They are soooo good for mixing the 4 shades together to make a smokey eye. The bronze/brown ones are my personal favourite for doing this. The colours are beautiful as well, especially the greens. They are easy to apply as well, not powdery and crumbly. They are handbag friendly, which is also a bonus. This lasts all day when I apply in the morning too, no touch ups! Please do not be put off by the price. Yes they are £16 each but you are getting 4 shimmer cubes. These will last you for ages. I have had mine for 2 years and they are still going strong! I promise you they are worth the money!

Sweet Pea Body Butter Duo


This body butter has 2 types of moisture. One side being a light cream for areas of the skin that need less hydration. The other side being a more richer cream for dry skin areas. This butter smells nice but also feels nice on the skin. It’s a great combination and I feel it really leaves my dry skin on my knees and elbows feel soft. It’s a great combination, definitely recommend!

All In 1 Cheek Colour


When I was a Body Shop Representative I found a massive love for their makeup. One of my favourites being this blusher. I have this in shade marshmallow however it does come in 6 other shades. I really love the colour of this blusher and I don’t have one in this shade. The pigment in this product is super, and the colour lasts all day. It is really light weight when applying to the skin. All you need is a small sweep with your brush and it goes a long way. I’d say this is perfect for everyday use and gives you a really nice natural glow. The colour goes with the name really, it is like a marshmallow colour. You get what you see with this product. £8 is probably more than what you want to pay but it’s worth it, and will last you a long time.

Brow And Lash Gel


I had never heard of a brow gel till about 2 years ago and I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t use anything else. It really does keep every strand of hair on your brow set into place throughout the day. If your looking to neaten them, I couldn’t recommend this more. Just one thing though, the tube does turn a funny colour when you use the brush over whatever colour you have on your brows, but still does the job. At £10 it’s still cheaper than most brow gels, that you can get.

Shimmer Waves In Bronze


Shimmer waves is a must have piece for your makeup collection. The eye shadows come in 5 waves with the colours of a creamy white, dark brown, bronze, deep gold and a dusky pink. This is perfect for a lovely shimmery bronze smokey eye. You can even use this on your cheeks. You could sweep your brush over the dusky pink to give you a nice natural glow, or run your brush through the lighter shades to the top of your cheek bones, to give a lovely highlighter. What’s good about these eyeshadows is they last you a really long time and it’s really pigmented. It really does look stunning on. There are also 2 other variations of these eyeshadows so check them out too, if these colours aren’t for you. You won’t be disappointed.

BB Cream


This is probably the makeup product that body shop is known for. Everyone has been saying how good the bb cream is and how they don’t use foundation anymore, they just use a bb cream, so because of this I decided to give it a try. You only need a small bit of this, no bigger than a 5p size. I got this in the lightest shade there is and it’s still too dark for my skin, which is a bit of a disappointment, so I won’t be buying this again, as my skin couldn’t get away with it, as it looks rather orange on my face. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have pale skin like me. This blends into the skin nicely though and covers up any blemishes or redness you have. The coverage isn’t great but buildable in layers. This would be great for people who already have evenly toned skin, who want a glowing look. I found that this is best applied by using your fingers. I don’t know if I’m totally converted to bb creams, I shall probably stick to my normal foundation right now.

Mango Lip Butter


Apart from this smelling gorgeous, the mango lip butter is an essential for me.  This is because I suffer with really dry, dehydrated lips. Using this lip butter keeps my lips hydrated, feeling soft and smooth. It’s the perfect size for any handbag, which means you can take it with you wherever you go. Using this product everyday for a few days, repairs the cracks in my lips, which I am really impressed by. It might be a bit pricey but it’s worth it. My lips wouldn’t be in such good condition without this.

Whats your favourite Body Shop product?

A x


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