Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder In Transparent

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(Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder In Transparent £2.99)

I’ve never really been a powder person, I always use to just wear foundation and that was it until about 2 years ago. Reason being I cared more about the makeup on my eyes for a long time, rather than my face plus the foundation I use gives a nice coverage and finish anyways. However I’ve recently just bought the Rimmel clear complexion powder and this gives my overall face an even better look and I find it better than the Rimmel stay matte pressed powder. I love this powder more because its transparent but covers my skin giving a really lovely natural finish. I used one of my Bodyshop face brushes to apply the powder which applied really nicely, I did have to keep putting more on my brush but it blended in effortlessly and you couldn’t tell I had any on. I actually found this gave my skin more of a matte finsih than the stay matte pressed powder too and lasted a good length of time, without giving me a look of being caked in powder. I was always set on the stay matte pressed powder but as much as I like it, I will definitely be buying this one more now as its my favourite out of the two.

What is your favourite powder?

A x


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