Lily Lolo Eye Blending Brush

image image image image image image

(Lily Lolo Eye Blending Brush £5.99)

After loosing my blending brush by the Body Shop I decided to get a new one, all my makeup brushes are from the Body Shop so I thought it was time to try a brush by a different brand. This is perfect for blending in eye shadows to create a faultless smokey eye. The brush is super soft, I have no brush like this, and isn’t rough on the skin. This really does soften any harsh lines and the overall look when finished is impressive and I’ve not been able to get this finish before, so I’m really glad I’ve purchased this. My eye shadow game is now impressive and since I purchased this, I use it almost everyday. If you want to make those lines invisible when mixing eye shadows, I would recommend this brush for you. I am definitely thinking that I might have to switch some of my bushes to Lily Lolo, if their as good as this brush.

A x


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