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August Favourites

Its been 4 whole months since I’ve done a monthly favourites post, not because I’ve not wanted to do one but because I’ve only been blogging seriously again for the last month. Reason being was because I was trying to figure out my future with blogging, whether to give it up, whether to carry on, what I need to change etc. Anyways here is my monthly favourites from August.


Wow. Look how much the Karma bubble bar has changed?! It has had a total makeover and Lush have totally gone all out with this. If you remember it used to be orange and red but now its purple and orange and in a shape of a pyramid. It also turns the bath a deep purple and creates loads of bubbles. You can get quite a few baths out of this one. Its by far the most interesting bath bomb I’ve got from Lush last month and I can see now, why they gave it a makeover.


This powder is amazing, if you read my review on this not so long ago, then you will know how much I love this product. It’s just so much more natural and I love the overall finish it leaves on my skin. Its definitely part of my daily makeup routine now, and the best powder I’ve used so far.


My favourite perfume of last month is Zoella’s Tutti Fruity one, I am probably one of the last to try this but I have tryed it and used it every day since I brought it. The smell is incredible, its so fruity, like lots of different berries mixed together. The scent lasts a long time as well, which is good. I can see myself buying this again once I’ve run out, as it smells that nice.


 My favourite song of last month is Sia – Fire Meet Gasoline. I love her music so much, her lyrics are so powerful like her videos, which I watch over and over again. I wish she would tour in the Uk, because I would get tickets in a flash. She’s just an amazing, strong woman and her voice is perfect.


My favourite thing I’ve watched last month  is, Made In La!!!! I’ve watched loads of fantastic films but nothing makes me happier than having my favourite Made In Chelsea cast members back on my screen which is, Lucy, Stephanie, Toff, Binky, Jamie, Josh (Jp) and Frances. I love all of them but they are my favourites. Frances has been hilarious as always, not a lot of drama going on at the moment, just a lot of love troubles. I’m so routing for Binky and Josh to get together. Wait.. does that mean there relationship name would be Jinky?


Lastly I am in love with these shoes, that I did a post on the other week. I’ve been wearing them most weekends and now I’m getting a bit sad as they are more of a summer shoe and its started tipping down with rain here these last few days already. This means I’m going to have to make the most of the good weather, if we have anymore to come. At least I get to keep them for next year!

Whats been your favourite thing of last month?

A x


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