COLAB Dry Shampoo Review


My go to go dry shampoo product is usually the brand Batiste however, I have been using this product for so long now, I wanted to try something different so I went for COLAB as its been created by a range of beauty experts. I got this in the London can, each one has a different smell, which in this case, this one smells quite musky that’s nice so that scored a brownie point. I actually find this slightly better than Batiste, as it gives my hair more volume and its a nicer texture on my hair, whereas Batiste can make my hair feel quite knotty at times and makes me feel like I have product in my hair. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use Batiste as Batiste is just as good, this just feels lighter on my hair. Overall though I recommend dry shampoo to anyone as it’s just really good if you don’t have time to wash your hair, or create a bit of volume, or if your just in a rush when your on your way to school or work. It just makes you feel better and not the feeling of “I hope no one is looking at my hair”. Next time though I think I will invest in a bigger bottle as I only got a 50ml one which is more handbag friendly and try out a different scent as well, as there is I think six different ones to choose from.

Whats your favourite dry shampoo product to use?

A x


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