Lush Cupcake Face Mask

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(Lush Cupcake Face Mask £6.50)

I purchased this face mask not so long ago from Lush, I’ve used one of theirs before years ago, however I haven’t had one since. I thought I’d give this cupcake one a go, thinking it would smell heavenly, however it stinks and I am not a fan of the smell, however my mum had a smell of it and she likes it. The strong smell didn’t put me off though, I applied the mask and the results were good. This is suppose to give a really deep cleanse and I think it did that. I don’t get a lot of breakouts but when I do get one, it’s usually a bad one, however the mask has made most of the redness go. I have sensitive skin as well, but my skin didn’t react with this, it just made it really really soft. I’m definitely going to use this more often and would recommend it to teenagers and to anyone who wants clearer looking skin.

Does anyone have a favourite Lush mask?

A x


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