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September Favourites

September seems to have gone in a flash! It doesn’t seem that long since I was writing a post on my August favourites. It soon won’t be long till Christmas, which means cold weather, cosy nights, hot chocolate, Christmas films, chocolate log and gingerbread etc. I can’t wait, who’s excited? Anyway enough of me rambling on about winter, here are my favourite’s for September!


Arghhhh! I couldn’t resist! I’ve not had a Yankee Candle advent calendar before and I know it’s only September but I heard these sell out pretty quickly so I wanted to get it while I could. However this is now torture because I now have to wait until December the 1st until I can open the first door! Yankee is something I’ve gone mad for lately, most of the candles smell amazing and are just so nice to put on in the evening.


This lip gloss by the inspirational Tanya Burr, has very quickly become my day to day lip gloss and is a really lovely natural looking colour, The colour shown is Lunch Date, and is perfect for everyday use and gives you the perfect pout. I really love this pink shade, which gives your lips a lovely shine and also smells amazing!


I had my first Costa in a very long time the other day and I must say it was the best thing I’ve tasted all month. I had a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and it was delicious. Part of me wishes I was a coffee and tea person, as there is so much choice to drink, but I don’t so I’ll just stick to my hot chocolate for now, oh and my mango cooler but its getting a bit too cold for that now!


My favourite song of the month is probably Alessia Cara, Here. It’s such a good song, its got quite a simple backing track to it but I just love the lyrics and Alessia has a good voice. I’ve not heard of her before but I look forward to hearing more of her material.


This is by far the best thing I’ve watched this month. I’ve not posted a film review on Legend yet as I only watched it last week. Its an amazing film, Tom Hardy’s performance is outstanding, he plays both Cray twins effortlessly, and even looks a lot like they did. Its a film I’m definitely going to get on DVD, very interesting, really funny and a bit sad in some places, but a must watch.


How could I not forget, my boyfriend and I got rid of our cars and got our first car together! We decided on a BMW 1 series, so we are now part of the BMW club! I love it so much and its just so much better to drive. I’m so glad we made this decision and it is  a really good purchase. It didn’t take me a lot to get over my old car!


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