The Clinique Smart Custom Serum


(The Clinique Smart Custom Serum)

It has taken me so long to try this out, and I really wish it hadn’t because its amazing! I know I’ve only got a sample,because well I spent a lot on Feel Unique and when you spend over £30, your entitled to 2 free samples. This doesn’t mean I’ve not had a long enough experience to be able to tell whether this is a good product or not, because some products don’t need to be tested for a long time. Some you can just tell straight away, and this is one of them. Seeing as its more than what some of us skincare lovers would like to spend, I have given you a review to the best that I can, so you can then decide whether to put it on the Christmas list or not, or whether to just treat yourself.

You are suppose to apply this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, massaging in to your face and neck. Now this will custom itself to your face with either, uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, firming, or radiance. I know this probably sounds to most of you, something that isn’t for younger skin, but you can use this at any age.

Obviously only having enough serum for a days worth, I haven’t noticed any change, your not going to, but if you was to use this for the 12 weeks it says to, I reckon you would see a fair change. However the change I have seen just using this for a day is, my skin is unbelievably soft, I have not used a skincare product yet, that has made my skin feel so smooth. I sound so weird but I have literally been touching it all day, because it feels beautiful.

The application itself is very easy to apply. The gel is right consistency and glides onto the skin really nicely. It also smells pretty good too, so you haven’t got a horrible smell your putting on your face, or an over powering one either. It kind of feels like your putting a masque on, and seeing the same effects.

Once Christmas is over, this will be something I will be thinking of purchasing, as I was really impressed, even with a small amount. As I don’t think my skin is that bad, I would only purchase the 30ml. If you want to see changes to your skin over a long period of time, then you will probably want to purchase a bigger bottle. Although I can understand at £110 for a 100ml bottle, is pricey and if your wanting to use something all year round, then maybe this could be over some peoples budgets. I would still recommend this product though, as I’ve not used a serum as good as this.

Who else uses Clinique products?

A x


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