A Black And Grey Kind Of Day

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Black Leggings – Boohoo £5

Grey Shorts (similar) – Boohoo £5

Ankle Boots (similar) – Select £24.99

Blouse (similar) – Top Shop £15

Hello everyone! This week I’ve got all week off work, so I’m planning on doing a post on what I’m wearing from today till Friday. Starting of with this black and grey outfit. I feel like their should be a word like monochrome to describe it, but I can’t think of anything clever enough to invent. It was so cold out today and its even colder at home, the heating has been turned on. I didn’t really know what to wear today, it was a case of just chuck on anything and hope it turns out alright. I started off with putting some leggings on that I recently purchased from Boohoo. They felt quite thin but they are actually really warm on and I wish I bought a few more pairs. These grey shorts which you’ve probably seen me mention before, are a favourite of mine lately. I really like the slits in the front, which makes them less plain jane. I then put on this blouse, which is also a favourite of mine that I’ve had for years now, but it just makes any outfit a bit smarter. Plus its not fitted, I like to wear things that don’t draw too much attention to my shape. Then there’s the ankle boots, with just a small heel, which are really comfy and seeing as its getting really cold now, I decided to dig them out and wear them. To finish I just put on a scarf and jacket and I was ready to go. Not a bright outfit today but a comfortable one.

A x


3 thoughts on “A Black And Grey Kind Of Day

  1. looking sooooo amazing ,as always ,outfit looks super an make up ,,well what can you say but very attractive ,keep up the good work ,we all enjoy your site so much ,


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