Massive Lush Christmas Haul


I love Lush, it’s no secret. I think I’ve got every single Lush Christmas  bath bomb there is, as I couldn’t narrow it down, so I can’t wait to try them all out. I was thinking of doing a follow up post of what they look like when in the bath, but I thought maybe that might be a bit late now, seeing as Christmas is next week, but we’ll see. I love their Christmas range, it just makes your baths that little bit more luxury and festive. Here is what I bought and first impressions of what they smell like.


Left To Right

  1. Peeping Santa – This looks so cute and suits its name, smells really fruity.
  2. Dashing Santa – Aww I love this one, perfect for kids, smells like oranges and lemons.
  3. Bar Humbug – Love the colour and how sparkly it is, smells like liquorice.
  4. Holly Golightly – This gets your covered in glitter, but looks really nice, smells spicy.
  5. Luxury Lush Pud – Love the different colours on the bath bomb, smells like lavender.
  6. Cinders – A bit plain, but has a very strong smell of cinnamon and also spicy smells.
  7. Shoot For The Stars – I’ve already tried this one and its amazing in the bath, smells like oranges and is refreshing.
  8. Big Bang – Not a Christmas one, but wintry and smells really nice and full of citrus smells.
  9. Razzle Dazzle – Looks cute and small, love the colour, the smell is like a load of smells mixed together.
  10. Candy Mountain – How cute?! Looks like a unicorn horn and smells amazing, just like candy!
  11. Frozen – Whenever I see this I automatically think of the film, smells like flowers.
  12. Magic Wand – These wands are so cool, reminds me of Cinderella! Smells like bubblegum.


Left To Right

  1. Milky Bath – I love the look of this one, I can’t wait to try it, smells really nice of cocoa.
  2. Star Dust – Plain and simple, with a little sparkle, smells like sweet vanilla.
  3. So White – Not the most exciting, looks like a snowball, smells like flowers.
  4. Floating Island – Quite a plain looking one, smells of Shea, a bit like marmite, not everyone is going to like it.
  5. Yog Nog – Love the name, sounds quite warming, smells lovely and sweet, like toffee.
  6. Snow Angel – Reminds me of creating snow angels in the snow and smells amazing, like marzipan.
  7. Father Christmas – Looks really cool and smells amazing! Smells like candy floss.
  8. Five Gold Rings – This has got to be my favorite, sweetly scented, smells like vanilla.
  9. The Magic Of Christmas – So pretty, I love that its a wand, smells spicy.
  10. Golden Wonder – Love that this is a present and sparkly, smells refreshing and citrus.
  11. Snow Melt – Love how cute and small this looks, just like a snowballs, smells of cocoa and Shea.
  12. Butter Bear – This one is really cute and one to send you asleep, smells of cocoa.


Do you have any Lush Christmas bath bombs this year? What’s your favourite?

A x


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