The Bourjois Powder Brush

(The Bourjois Powder Brush – £4.99)

I don’t think I’ve ever spoke about makeup brushes on here so this is a first, I needed to get a new powder brush in particular, because I’ve had my Body Shop one for a long time and  it just lost its softness, and was starting to get a bit manky. I went for this because It’s not a brand I’ve used and I love trying different brands out, plus it was a really good price. The bristles are soft and don’t scratch your face. It picks are fairly good amount of product, I usually use this for just loose powder but its great for bronzer and blusher too. Not only this but really easy to use and wash. It does malt the first few times when washed, but after that nothing comes out at all. Also very good value for money, you basically get what you pay for.

Whats your favourite powder brush to use?

A x


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