The Bourjois Bronze And Glow Powder

(Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder- £7.99)

I don’t often go without bronzer when it comes to my daily makeup routine. I don’t know what it is but there’s nothing like the bronzed look. My face isn’t finished without a sweep over my cheeks, forehead and neck. This is my second product from Bourjois, I am still very new to the brand when it comes to trying their products. I decided it was time for a new bronzer, which is why I picked up this one, because I liked the fact that you could if you wanted to, contour with it. Doesn’t it look like a bar of chocolate? Included is a milk chocolate colour which actually looks quite dark, however when its blended in, it doesn’t look this dark. Its a great shade for a lot of peoples skin, don’t let how dark it looks in the case, put you off from buying it. Also included is a highlighter, good for highlighting your cheeks, nose and chin. What I like about about this duo is that its not shimmery which makes this great for everyday wear, as I’m not overly a fan of shimmery products on the base of my face. To apply is very easy and it feels very light and smooth on the face, you don’t feel like your wearing a lot of product. Overall I like how pigmented it is, and it is very affordable. I love the overall look it gives me.

What is your favourite bronzer to use?

A x


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