Lincolnshire Showground Fireworks


Excuse the post for being late but I’ve had the flu, I’ve still got it but I’m feeling a lot better! I can breathe through my nose again! Last Friday I went to The Lincolnshire Showground fireworks, as well as Christmas, Bonfire Night is also one of my favourite days of the year, even though this was on the 4th and not the 5th. Reason being, I don’t know if I’ve told you but I love London history, and I love the history behind the reason we have Bonfire Night. I’m guessing this is something we just celebrate in the Uk though, as it was to do with a man named Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the House Of Lords, also known as the Houses Of Parliament. I could go on but I don’t want to loose all 10 of you who are reading this. (I joke) However if you do celebrate it in another country, let me know in the comment section, as it will be interesting to know.


When I went to this Bonfire Night, I got so caught up with everything that was going on, that I forgot to take pictures, so I just have a few. I just thought I’d add that I was so pleased with myself, I know it sounds silly, but I usually hate public events like this, because I know its busy and it makes me feel unsafe and anxious, but I felt so calm all night and didn’t panic once, which led me to enjoy myself even more. It was a really good price, £8 each for adults and I think £5 each for children, which was good considering my local fireworks charge around this price and its not very good at all. Also included in that price was a free bag of sweets for each child. What I loved was that they had two separate firework displays, one that was for quieter fireworks, which was good as it was more for children and for people who don’t like loud fireworks. Then they had another one for loud fireworks. One was on at around 7:30pm and the other at 9:30pm, so if you wanted to, you could watch both.


As well as fireworks, there was also a giant funfair full of, fun houses, which was hilarious, dodgems, waltzers, kids mini roller coasters and mini merry go rounds, prize stalls and much more. My sister was lucky enough to win this giant dog! Most rides and games were reasonably priced, however next year I will definitely be bringing more money, now I know how much there is to do here. Then there was the food. Warning don’t read on an empty stomach! Chinese, fish and chips, burgers, hog roasts carvery type vans, bratwursts, donuts, nutella crepes, sweets, candy floss, toffee apples, Bailey’s hot chocolate and much more!

So there’s the story on how I caught the flu…

Just kidding! Although it could of been if someone else had it….

Eww I don’t want to think about breathing in a strangers sneeze.

Anyways, I can’t wait for next years!

A x


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