Bedz R Us Quiz!


I really wish I could blog more than I can at the moment, I am so busy, and struggling to find the time. Hopefully in the new year, I will be able to more. Moving on, I have something a bit different for you today, that being a quiz. I really love quizzes and if I see them pop up on Facebook, I often find myself distracted doing them and then before I know it, an hour has passed and nothing has gotten done. Bedz R Us have honestly so many different beds of different styles, that it would make sense for them to create a quiz. I don’t know about anyone else but I love my bed. Me and my bed have a pretty good relationship, I hate leaving it, when I go away it feels like a break up and I look forward to getting into it most working days… If this sounds like you, (I’m sure that’s most of us!) you’re going to enjoy this quiz, as much as I did. The quiz doesn’t take a lot of your time and tells you what  your bedroom says about you. I got the result mimalist and if I’m honest, that isn’t far from the truth! If your interested click the link below, and it will take you straight to the first question, no adverts or surveys! Let me know what you get if you decide to take it, in the comments below!

Click here to take the quiz! 

Also don’t forget to check out Bedz R Us’s website for a wide variety of beds here! 

See you again soon!

A x


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