The Post That Never Got Posted


Hello everyone! I was going to post a Christmas post today,  but I just gave up in the end, it just didn’t feel right, I wasn’t happy and Christmas is suppose to be a happy time and seeing this is a Christmas post, whats the point in posting this, when I just wanted to cry haha. I know people are going to think this is silly. Basically a few things happened today where it started off well and then some things came up, and I like to make sure I can do everything to please everyone and sometimes that leads me to do things I don’t want to do, but I do them anyways because I like to make sure everyone is happy, I don’t like to see people down. I’ve seen enough of that in the past, anyways sometimes trying to please everyone, just stresses me out so much and its a lot of pressure. I don’t know sometimes I just want to get away from it all, and yesterday while I wrote this post I just switched off the TV, shut the curtains, dimmed the lights, put my favourite band Bastille on and just took some time out. I also had some people yesterday telling me that I need to start putting myself first, be selfish, you have your own life, but its hard. All I want is for people to be happy, but the hardest part is there’s always going to be someone who is not. Then to top it off (you can laugh, its funny now!) I had a delivery that contained Christmas presents and I tried carrying them all upstairs and I dropped one and it just broke into tiny pieces, like seriously today was the perfect movie scene. Anyways the reason why I’m sharing this with you all, is because I’ve been writing this blog for 2 years now and I just want to change the direction the blog was going and make it a bit more personal. I hate sharing any negativity, the world is full of enough of that. Should I even post this? Honestly there won’t be many of these kind of posts, I can assure you that! We shall try again tomorrow, and yes that is me promising a post on a Saturday!

Keep smiling,

A x


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