Goodbye 2016 Part 2

Thank you for the great feedback from my last post! This is the final part to it, I hope it’s okay and not too dull!



July was the month of my boyfriend’s birthday and I decided to throw a barbeque for him really last minute, but I had so much fun. I baked so many different cakes, and it was so much fun, getting lots of different experience in making lots of different things. I really hope everyone had a lovely day, as much as I did. Last minute plans, are usually the best memories you make.  We also had someone new to add to our home and that was our little kitten Binky! She is the cutest thing but the Joker from Batman at times. I think its fair to say our curtains have really taken a beating. Blogging was not the best again, I didn’t blog hardly at all, I just felt a bit disconnected from it, and it was so hard because I wanted to blog so much, but I just couldn’t physically do it.



August started off with a YouTube collaboration with The Body Jewellery Shop. That was definitely a lot of fun, to do something different and have a go at making some videos, and I was honoured that they got in touch with me personally, to work with them. Soon after that I got to work with Love Chin Chin, which was also a privilege to work with them. This definitely made me feel so thankful and made me feel happy that people were still enjoying my posts, even if I weren’t so much. It was also the month Bake Off started!



There was only 4 posts in September, instead of the usual 22. My head just got so confused, I hate not having control of my own life, not everyone else’s, just my own. My head just feels like its going to explode, because I have so many thoughts spinning around inside it. I watched one of the best films I’ve ever seen though, that being Nerve. I just loved the whole concept of it and I thought it was very well thought out.



October came round way to quick for me, I was dreading this month for one reason, and that was because we was doing Horror At Hinchingbrooke House again. This is a house where you go around different rooms in the dark, or strobe lighting, getting grabbed by people, people stroking your face etc. Then you go out into the grounds outside and get chased by chainsaws and axes, people  from characters from your favourite horror films. I hate clowns, I’ve never liked them, I didn’t even want to go to this, I never said yes, so I don’t know how it happened. I’ve done it twice now and I’m never doing it again!!! If you love horror films though, go to this, you’ll love it!



I had a lovely start to November, my boyfriend and I, took my sister to Lincolnshire Showground’s fireworks and fair. It has been ages since I’ve been to a fair and we went inside a fun house and I’ve never laughed that much in ages. It was so funny! The fireworks were amazing, all set to music, which made it pretty magical. I will definitely be going again this year!



December was a good month, but my anxiety has taken a turn for the worst, so that is something I will be working on this year. I had a lovely Christmas though, and a nice break from work. I was going to do a what I got for Christmas post, but I don’t know if I’ve left it too late though. We shall see.

2016 thank you for the memories, but it was a stressful year and you will not be missed. You may be thinking am I going to continue to blog? Well yes, I love blogging, I want to spend more time on posts and blog more. It’s going to happen, just watch this space.

I hope 2017 is everything you want it to be and more!

Thank you for staying with me, and for your continuous support.

A x 


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