Body Shop Haul


(Aloe and soft linen, body, room and linen spritz – £7 / Eyebrow and lash gel – £10 / Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder – £14 / Vitamin E cream cleanser – £7.50 / Vitamin E Moisture Cream – £13 / Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask – £16 )

I had a bit of a splurge the other day when it came to the Body Shop. I use to work for the Body Shop, and that was the first time I was properly introduced to it, I think I was about 16. Ever since, I’ve become a massive fan, and tried a lot of their products over the years. The Body Shop is well known for their body butter and bath products, but I don’t think they get much recognition for their makeup. If you was to watch a makeup video, it’s more likely to be well known brands included, you don’t often see the Body Shop. It surprises me, because they do have a good range of makeup, and the same goes for their skincare. They do the same job as some of the other brands. Over the next week or two I will review the products individually so you get a better idea but for now, if you haven’t before, go and have a look at The Body Shop website.

Whos tried The Body Shops makeup before? What’s your favourite product?

A x  


7 thoughts on “Body Shop Haul

  1. The Body Shop is definitely underated, plus their customer service is always great.
    My first The Body Shop purchase was a 3 for 2 special on the Vitamin E range. I bought the Face Mist, Cream Cleanser and the Exfoliator. I’m planning to review them on my blog hopefully soon.

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      1. I love discounts and special offers! Hehe. I must admit that the Face Mist is my least favourite of the trio, but technically I got it for free since I only paid for the other two.


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