Murder Mystery With Red Herring Games

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One evening at the end of January, (I know, its late!)  I attended a murder mystery evening with Red Herring Games. All their events are open to the public however they also offer a wide range of murder mystery kits, that cater for all different amounts of people, that you can buy and host a murder mystery evening yourself. It doesn’t stop there though, if you find a game you want to buy, but want to tweak it, they can help with that too. You can also book them for your own party.

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Back to Saturday evening, our murder mystery game was called “A Death In The Highlands”. We arrived at 7pm to get checked in and settled at out tables, where there was pens and note pads but also team sheets, telling us a bit about what “A Death In The Highlands” was about. In brief, the evening  was about a working estate owned by Laird and Lady Glenn Morangie, Blair Hillock is located in the heart of Scotland. Visiting guests (which was us) will experience a superb quality restaurant, as well as opportunities to join the estate game keeper, on shooting and fishing expeditions, as well as walks on the grounds. Unfortunately, we will also witness a murder.  Also included on the sheet was names of each character that we will be seeing that evening, and a little bit about them. I think this is really important, as I’ve been to other murder mystery events without any sheets, note pads or anything, and your just left relying on your memory. Red Herring Games are very professional.

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Once we were settled the evening kicked off with some bag pipes. I was extremely surprised to see this, and it was a great finishing touch, to go along with the Scottish theme. Then the action started with the characters, and a murder! I won’t give too much away, as if they do that theme again, I don’t want to spoil it. Each of the characters came round each of our tables, where we could question them, and try and get as much out of them as we possibly could. While this was happening through the evening, we had our three course meal, which was delicious. For starter I had scotch broth soup, for main I had Roasted breast of chicken with skirlie, potato and spring onion cake, and then for dessert I had a rich millionaires shortbread. At the end of the meal was then a chance to ask any further questions that we wanted to ask, and then write down who we thought committed the murder. As per normal, Stuart and I didn’t get it right, however its still a really good evening, the actors are brilliant, lots of laughs, and a very reasonable price!

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The murder mystery took place at Healing Manor, Grimsby, which is a really lovely place, with lots of character. My parents stayed over that night, and kindly took some pictures of the hotel, which I’ve included below. They do them lots of other places though as well, not just Grimsby. The murder mystery started at 7pm and finished around 11pm, that’s 4 hours of entertainment! The murder mystery, and a stay at the hotel,  would also make a really  lovely gift for someone, so I really do recommend that you take a look.

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Murder Mystery Website:

Hotel Website:

Have you been to a murder mystery before?

A x


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