Despicable Me 3 Review


Title Of Film: Despicable Me 3

Year It Came Out: 2017

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Kids And Family

The Director(s): Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin, Eric Guillon

Actors: Steve Carell, Kristen Wigg, Trey Parker Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Nev Scharre, Pierre Coffin, Steve Coogan, Julie Andrews, Jenny Slate, Michael Beattie.

I wasn’t really bothered about this film until I started seeing trailers for it a few months back, and it looked hilarious! I really feel like there’s been a lot of exciting films coming out this year, that I’ve wanted to see.  The only thing I was worried about was, I wasn’t sure if all the funny bits were just in the trailer, like Boss Baby, which was a mega disappointment and I’ve never wanted to walk out of a film before, but Boss Baby tempted me so much, it was only because I felt rude, that I didn’t do it. If you want to find out if this was the case or not, then keep reading!

So Despicable Me takes an unexpected turn and we find out Gru has a twin brother, Dru! However Gru has turned his life around now and is now an agent trying to shut down the villains. Dru is trying to encourage his brother into going back to his old ways and helping his twin being a baddy too. There’s a new villain in town though, dancing diva Balthazar Bratt, who was a 1980’s childhood actor who played a villain, until the show was later on cancelled. Balthazar uses chewing gum as a weapon and busts out some crazy dance moves to help defend himself, which will make you cry with laughter.

I am happy to announce that the funny bits aren’t all in the trailer!!! It is actually hilarious throughout! This is the perfect film to take your children too and one that adults won’t find total cringe, although if your like me, I love kids films! I also think this is the best out of the series so far, I say so far because there is a slight chance of another film, even though I don’t know what they would do next. I really like the plot as well, its really unexpected and just a bit more to it, than your average children’s film, and its a lot of fun. Balthazar is the best villain of the series too and I can see a pretty exciting franchise happening.

There was only one thing missing and that was the minions! Don’t worry guys, they weren’t missing completely! They just didn’t have a very big part in the film, but the parts they did have were really funny. The film wasn’t so concentrated on them this time, so it was just weird not seeing as much of them, compared to the other films. Don’t let this put you off though if it’s the minions that your watching it for, the film is jam packed full of entertainment.

My Film Rating: 10/10

A x


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