Lets Get To Know Each Other!

IT IS SO HOT! I am not one for heat, it sounds weird but I actually really like winter. I  have my fingers crossed that we get this thunderstorm the weather people keep talking about. This made me laugh actually, someone on my Facebook had posted these lyrics to describe their bad nights sleep yesterday.

I’ve been thinking of a nice way of all getting to know each other and I thought this post today, would be good if you guys in the comments section, linked your blogs and tell me and everyone else reading, a few sentences about yourself and a funny fact.  This way we can all see each others blogs and support each other but also make friends. I’ve never seen this done before, but I love reading other people’s blogs. We shouldn’t be jealous of others success. We should help each other and give each other tips. What have we got to lose? Exactly.

“Knowing me, knowing you, ahaaa!”

I’ll go first. You are already on my blog, but I love baking, fashion, watching films, music, beauty etc. I have a little cat named Binky. I’ve never been abroad but my favourite place to go to is Devon. I once broke my foot when I was little because I went to McDonalds and they  had a ball pit and as I got in, a young adult decided to jump in and landed on me, even though it said no adults. If I could choose, I’d probably be in the Gryffindor house.

Now its your turn!!

A x




One thought on “Lets Get To Know Each Other!

  1. . We should help each other and give each other tips. What have we got to lose? Exactly.,,,,come on then help me


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