Weight Loss Journey – Week 2

Hello! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I didn’t have a very good week last week, as I appear to be getting a cold, however I am hoping this will soon pass. I will be writing other posts on this blog, apart from the Monday weekly weight loss update, so keep your eyes peeled. I have literally been living off yoghurt, because it’s cold and my throat hurts. I’m not even a big fan of yoghurt! I’m going to start from Thursday onwards, as this is when I joined Slimming World, and it gets a bit more interesting from that day onwards.


I joined Slimming World today. It was one of the most nervous things I’ve had to do in a while. However its also turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time, and I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner. All the support you get and your welcome pack, is amazing. I can already say, this is the best diet I’ve been on. There is so many foods you can eat off of it and not have to count as syns. My main worry was being weighed, but its really confidential, and the best bit? That will be the last time you see that number, as your going to lose weight from that step on. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming, and you instantly feel part of the group. Its so lovely to see people so supportive of each other, and clapping when someone does well. I am so looking forward to trying some of the hundreds of recipes that you get, and seeing how this new adventures develops. Things can only get better from here!


So it was the first day of Slimming World and I didn’t have much in the cupboards, as I was due to do a food shop. In the morning for breakfast I had a Muller yoghurt, for lunch I had a packet of hula hoops and cereal bar, which were syns. I also had beans on toast. I know this wasn’t a lot to eat in a day, although this is a pretty standard day for me, but I was making the most of a bad situation. I also feel rough, so I didn’t fancy much, however tomorrow will be different. I haven’t felt hungry at all, and I also did a not so neat chart, on meals I was planning to eat through the week. I have felt pretty organised by doing this, and it will help me keep to plan. I also right all my syns down if any, next the foods I’m going to eat, so I can keep an eye on them. 



For breakfast on Saturday I had a Muller  yoghurt. Then I went to work from 5-11am. When I came back I used my healthy a and b, and had a cheese sandwich. I also had a banana. Later on, I made a dish called chicken Milanese with spaghetti pomodoro. This was delicious! Then to finish I had a snack bag of chocolate fingers. Not one did I feel hungry today. I already feel much better because, everything tastes cleaner. 


This morning I had eggs benedict, which was such a good way to start the day. I don’t know if it has something to do with being poorly or I’m just eating the right foods, but I just don’t seem to get hungry. I again had a cheese sandwich and banana. Then for dinner I made chicken curry, which tasted like it had come from a restaurant. The best bit, was that it was all free! Then I made an apple crumble, however I wasn’t keen on this because the recipe said to put orange in it, which made it a bit tangy. I’m finding this quite easy and also my boyfriend is eating the same as me and we’re cooking together, so this helps a lot. 

P.S For some unknown reason this hasn’t posted at 5pm, when I scheduled it too. Sorry it’s a late one. :-/

                                A x


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