A Weekend Away In York

This post is well overdue, I’ve been so busy! I say time and time again, I need to make more time for my blog because I enjoy it, but I feel like I put so much pressure on myself, it doesn’t happen. So the plan is to, just naturally let it happen, I’m not going to say there’s going to be this many posts a week, but hopefully, gradually it will be more of a frequent thing. Anyways, my boyfriend took me to York weeks and weeks ago for a weekend away, which was our first ever weekend away together, and it couldn’t of been more perfect.

Apart from going to York once for a Christmas market, I have never been to York before, and it was so nice to have time away to explore. We both loved York so much, that when we got back, we booked to come back at the start of December for 3 nights, to do our Christmas shopping and see the Christmas Market. I think because York is quite oldy woldy, I mean that in a good way, its going to feel so Christmassy when we go, and I am so excited! Anyways as always I’m going off subject, so back to our weekend in York..

We didn’t plan to do anything in particular in York, we just decided to explore and see what it has to offer, so once we finally got parked, our first thing we wanted to do, was to find breakfast/brunch. Neither of us like McDonald’s breakfast, and because we wanted to get to York early, that was all that was available on the way down, so we went to Bills. Again neither of us have been to Bills, but it is probably the best place I’ve had eggs benedict and their watermelon smoothie is so yummy! Inside is so pretty too, it just has a really nice atmosphere, and the staff are super friendly.

After we had brunch, we headed to the shambles, and had a nosy around the market, where there was lots of beautiful hand crafted things, as well as delicious brownies. The reason I know they’re delicious, is because I in fact bought 5 of them. Not just for me though! We shared them, once we had picked which flavours we wanted as there were so many! From peanut butter and cookie dough, to double decker and mars bar. Once we finished at the market, we eventually got to the shambles, where it had cute little shops, including a Christmas shop! Now I’m sure many of you know by now, but I am obsessed with Christmas! So when I saw this, I just had to go in, and drag Dan in with me! It was surprising how busy it was, considering the time of the year, however I manged to pick up a few decorations and we begun to explore some more. Where I ended up seeing a further two more Christmas shops, which we went in to. York has a lot to offer and is great for shopping, hence why we are going to go back to do our Christmas shopping there. Dan wanted to try a Millies Cookie milkshake, which were delicious, and then we took a wonder round all the cute little independent shops, where you found all sorts of nice things.

We then headed to our hotel to check in to have some chill time, before we then headed out to dinner. The room was lovely, with lots of character and little touches, such as a bar of chocolate that was made in York, and bubble bath etc. It was perfect for just relaxing, especially when we knew we weren’t going to be spending too much time in the room. After a couple of hours, we got ready, and headed out to Jamie’s Italian for dinner.

I’ve never been to Jamie’s Italian before, but would definitely recommend it and will be back again. I can’t praise the staff enough, they were really welcoming, and so friendly, which made the experience even better. The atmosphere was lovely, and the food was incredible, as well as the cheeky cocktail I had. In fact, I think our eyes were bigger than our tummies, as we were stuffed. The cheesy croquettes are delicious, as well as the burger I had, the calamari was amazing too I heard, but there was no room for dessert! We did plan to go for drinks after, but I think we tried to cram in so much in one day, that we tired ourselves out, and all we wanted to do is go back to our hotel room and sleep. That is exactly what we did.

Next morning we checked out of the hotel and went back to Bills again for breakfast, as it was so scrummy the last time! Then spent the last bit of time we had, exploring some of the shops we missed down some of York’s hidden streets. That’s what I like about York, there are so many streets off of streets, if that makes sense, with lots of lovely shops on. The Yorkshire Soap Company, is one of the prettiest shops I’ve ever seen, and inside is equally as pretty, plus it smells so good! I just wish the wet floor sign wasn’t in the way! If your in York though, its definitely worth popping in, as well as the shop next door, The Imaginarium. This shop is amazing! It has all different kinds of things beyond your imagination, things I’ve never seen before. Think its safe to say I loved this shop so much.

Then it was time to leave to go home. Neither of us wanted to leave, but like I said, we are so excited to be going back at the end of November. Everyone was just so friendly too, it wasn’t just in a particular shop, it was everywhere, which just made it a more enjoyable stay.

Have any of you been to York before?

A x


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