Rimmel Makeup Haul

It was pay day the other week and I thought is treat myself to some new makeup. This new makeup being rimmel. This brand is reasonably priced and not leaving your face looking like it’s caked in makeup, in fact you barely know you’ve got it on.

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner 

I would not buy eyeliner anywhere else. The consistency is lovely and glides on smoothly. It stays on all day, without fading or getting gunky in the corner of my eyes or smudging. It’s pigmented and has a flawless texture, it’s just amazing. This is perfect for creating that smoky eye look too. 


Rimmel Long Finish Lipstick By Kate Moss

This is suppose to last 8 hours and it most certainly doesn’t do this. At the most it will last 3, so expect to top it up throughout the day. This doesn’t take away the fact that the shades are so nice and natural, the one I’ve got is perfect for everyday use. They are so pigmented too. It was the first time I’ve tried one of these lipsticks and I’d definitely buy some more in different shades.


Rinmel Long Lasting Stay Matte Pressed Powder

This powder matches my complexion perfectly. It does exactly what it says in the description as well, which is long lasting. I don’t have to top my face up with this at all, and it’s lovely to wear as it feels so light on the skin, you don’t realise you’ve got it on. This gives my skin a flawless finish. 


Rimmel 3 In 1 Shimmering Bronzer

This is difficult to use at first, however when you brush at it for about a minute, it is then fine to use. The shades go really nice together as well. They are more natural coloured bronzes, so it doesn’t look like you have orange streaks down the side of your face, and make your makeup look tacky. 


Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer

This concealer is shaped like a lipstick and will last you a long long while. I don’t get many spots, but when I do get the odd one, I like to use this, it covers them up without making them look more noticeable. This can be used as a highlighter too, for under the eyes. It blends very well into my skin too. 


Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation

I can’t say I’ve worn this for 25 hours as I need to sleep however it is long lasting, and it does last all day without needing touching up at all, which is really impressive. The coverage of this foundation is amazing! What I like most about this foundation, is a little goes a long way, and it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. 


A x


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