Want And Love

First of all I do apologise for not posting for a long time, I’ve been poorly, but enough of that! I had an email through from Ted Baker about their new arrivals, and as much as I love everything on there, this item is what stood out to me the most.

I don’t wear watches because I’ve never found one that I like, so for this to stand out for me, it must be something really special. This doesn’t just tell the time but looks good on your wrist. I love the colour choice, the shade is a really nice pastel, girly, pink. I also love the diamantes  around the two rings. It’s just perfect! 

Watch – Ted Baker


Another thing I love but not so much want because I went out and bought this underground set the other day, is these duvet covers! I just love these London themed duvet covers and pillow cases. The first one is a London Underground set with a map of the tube. The second one is a London postcard. These really go with the theme of my room and come at an affordable price too. Not only is there London designs but Paris and New York ones too. 

London Underground Cover – George At Asda

London Postcard Cover – George At Asda



What do you want and love right now?

A x


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