The Jewelled Headband




Jewels are what seems to be hot right now. It’s the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit. With these you can go for a bohemian look and wear on top of your hair, or you can do what I did and wear underneath the hair. These headbands are stylish and sophisticated. Who said you can’t dress up your hair?!

The one I have displayed in the above pictures is from Primark and I apologise as I can’t remember how much it is, I think about £5. Unfortunately Primark doesn’t sell their clothes on their website so I can’t link it. One thing I will say about these headbands are they hurt! I’d wear them just for an evening not a long period of time. Oh and warning do not take them off in public, jewel imprints in your head is not a good look! 


Boohoo £8


Newlook £2.99

Or if your feeling daring, go for these head chains. These are very Gatsby, if you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I mean. I actually love these head pieces but I just can’t get them to suit me. So glamorous! 


 Topshop £10


River Island £10

A x


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