Meet Maisy And Mowgli

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Hey guys! Something exciting happened 3 and a half weeks ago! Our cat had kittens! I have no idea what she has mated with, but they are so cute and I love their colours! Maisy is the greyish white one, she has stripes on one side of her body and spots on the other. She is really unique and is a girl. The other one, I don’t really know how to describe the colour apart from a browny, gingery colour,  is super fluffy and is a boy. It’s been so cool having these kittens and being told by mum that we can keep both of them. So far we’ve seen them open their eyes, using their nose to smell, learning to purr and learning to walk. I’m so looking forward to seeing them grow into cats!

Who here is a cat lover? 

A x


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