New Shoes!

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I recently went for a browse not expecting to get anything, when I found these gorgeous shoes. Unfortunately I can’t link where to get them from because they were from Bank. Bank has now closed down. I almost didn’t get these, I went in the shop once saw them and came back out empty handed. The next shop we was in I had a little think and at £15 I couldn’t really say no, so I went back to Bank and got them. I’m really glad I did! They are so pretty and are really nice evening shoes. I think I will be wearing these a lot especially when I go on holiday next month. I love the sparkly, silver, crossed straps along just before where they meet the toes. I think this was the point when I was like “sold”. I also love they have a wedge. This makes them so easy to walk in, plus they are so comfy. These shoes are so stunning, I love them.

A x


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