Fifty Shades Of O.P.I

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Ive had these a while now and some of you have probably seen this in my March favourites, what I’m talking about is the 50 shades of O.P.I collection. I think this is my first time trying out O.P.I nail varnishes and it won’t be my last. The collection includes three shades of greys, a silver, a sparkly top coat and a red. I really like the names they have chosen. These being called My Silk Tie, Dark Side Of The Mood, Romantically Involved, Embrace The Grey, Shine For Me and Cement The Deal. My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved and Cement The Deal just needed two coats. Shine For Me, the sparkly over coat is up to you how many coats you want on, as it’s how sparkly the nail you want. Dark Side Of The Mood is quite a watery grey and needs three coats as well as Embrace The Grey. These are perfect shades for an evening out or winter. The longevity is really good. I have quite a hands on job at work and although this chips, this took quite a fight first before it did and lasted longer than any other nail polish I’ve used. For my first time using O.P.I I’m really impressed. My favourite out of the collection is My Silk Tie. I will be defo trying more O.P.I varnishes out. 

What O.P.I nail varnish shades do you recommend? 

A x


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